MLA Research Paper – Works Cited Page

Term papers will always require you to input the entries for a bibliography page. Usually, we are faced with the dilemmas of thinking about a topic, writing the parts, and proofreading the term paper. Little do we know that having the correct citation style in writing is also important. For an MLA research paper, the bibliography page is named as Works Cited page. Some an argumentative essay help will use either an APA or MLA format but actually, it will depend on the topic. MLA research papers usually have topics ranging from the arts, literature, humanities, and social sciences. So what are the entries required in an MLA research paper Works Cited page?

Just like in any other research paper citation formats, the MLA research paper bibliography entry requires the following:

  • Name of the author
  • Title of the book or the publication
  • Year of Publication
  • Source media of the book
  • Publishing City
  • Publishing company
  • Edition number
  • Pages used

These details are also required I Harvard or APA style of citation so it is not that confusing if you are used to utilizing these two styles. Now, how do we arrange these details? You always start with the authors’ name. The remaining details are then written in the same manner as the example below:

Radolf, Mayers. Social Justice. 2. Atlanta: Mercks Publishing, 1956.

If you need to input multiple entries, simply arrange them in alphabetical order. Also, the second lines of each entry should be indented. You can gain more experience in writing an MLA research paper when you download some of our free examples of expository essays.

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